Tue Jan 28 2020

How To Invest In Real Estate.

How To Invest In Real Estate.


Investing in real estate is not only judicious use of capital but also a keystone to a rewarding wealth. You can rarely come across a financial giant who does not have a thing for real estate. Because in Ghana especially the unvarnished truth is that, real estate is recession-proof, there has never been a market shift where there were records for the decline of prices of houses. You can, therefore, buy a parcel of land or house and wait if you can; the price of the property appreciates as long as the days go gliding away. Guaranteed! Here are two sure fire ways you can invest.

1. ACQUIRING TO RENT: After acquiring a property legally, you are good to go! Your money can start working for you on timely basis when you rent out your property. In Ghana, there is a housing deficit of more than million units. Each and everyday, someone, somewhere in your city or town would like the services of your estate, your job is to market it on just a slight edge to meet the needs of such people. Realtors and other housing experts can help you right price the monthly and yearly income to determine the outlook of your earning.

2.INVESTMENT BY FLIP: In a flip, you are a curious observer like the stock giant. You buy today with the goal to sell at a remarkable profit tomorrow. Since real estate is recession-proof in Ghana, it is sound to obtain money and buy real estate and wait, to see subsequent years where prices have appreciated, realtors have an eye to spot sometimes property owners who are in critical needs to sell quickly and relatively cheap. So you can ask your realtor or a local in a neighborhood where you can put your money and reap in leaps. Another known way is to buy an old property and renovate it to make a good price. The renovation includes painting, roofing, demolition, home staging, re-financing, and other activities to make the property more attractive than it used to be.